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Why you should outsource Data Scraping Projects?

Publishes June 8, 2020 • 3 mins read

Because you are probably not a Data Scraping Company but the one that consumes the data.

Web Scraping or Data crawling is a technique to pulls and store data in organised and consumable format from certain from multiple websites. The extracting of information can be done on a large or small scale depending on the business.

The world wide web is a mess!(pun intended). With the increase in mobile and desktop electronics devices worldwide everything that is connected to the internet is constantly either creating data or consuming data.

According to microfocus,

Anytime you go online, there is data being collected, generated and consumed either it's an eCommerce website or a social media platform.

Challenges of In-House Web Scraping

Web Scraping requires a broad tech stack. It requires professional experience in multiple programming languages, framework, automation techniques, understanding of web requests, knowledge of headless browser, knowledge of databases, analytical operations, apis and the list goes on.

Lets explore the challenges

Time and Cost

For In House Web Scraping, first you will need to hire an Engineer is $22,750 and it comes with an average yearly salary of $120,000/year. Apart from the salary and hiring cost, building your own scraping infrastructure requires a strong server with decent CPU and Memory. You will also need to assign a devops engineer to handle deployment and maintenance of system because an Scraping Engineer will be mostly focused on getting complex data.

But with just fraction of this cost and only hours of time, you can get all of your Web Scraping projects completed by a Data Extraction company such as scrapingmesh. The only time that your company will spend on Data Extraction part is providing the project description.

Data Quality and Maintenance

Data Extraction is a very challenging tasks because of the anti bot measures applied by the companies. Everyday companies like datadome, imperva continue to pose new challenges to Data Extraction by blocking ips, use of machine learning to detect bots, restricting access by location, feeding fake data etc. This means your In house team will need to be updated to each and every technique which is simply impossible for them because they will be working on limited projects.

Then there is need wash the data and get it clean for you. With a company handling this for you, you don’t need to bother of its data duplication, unstructured and scattered data. It will be the responsibility of the company to maintain the data quality.

Loss of focus:

Although you will have a dedicated team for data extraction, it is easier to get lost in the process. This might interfere with your business. But this is not the case when web scraping is outsourced. You simply pass on the task to a reputed company and they take care of the rest.

PS: With In House Data Extraction, there are few advantages such as control and speed. But these benefits can never out weigh the challenges.

Pros of Outsourced Web Data Extraction

  1. No In-house team required to take care of Data needs which saves you a lot of bucks and time as well.
  2. Data Experts will handle all of your needs and provide you the best suggestions and solution. This means you will never have to worry about bot detection, proxy and maintaining your own infrastructure.
  3. You have the flexibility to choose the best company for your business and can change them anytime if the needs arises in the future.
  4. Automatic and quick modifications of scrapers in case of changes. Most of the Web Scraping will automatically and quickly fix the crawlers in case of any issues with a minimal charge.
  5. With automatic data delivery, you can have the data delivered in multiple formats or in your ftp, amazon bucket, dropbox, google drive etc.
  6. All of the Data Scraping companies already have In-house QAs, this means you can be assured about the quality of data.


Web Scraping and Data Extraction certainly is a niche process that requires high technical expertise. With a dedicated web scraping service provider, you will get the data you need in your preferred and appropriate format, without the complications.